Public Sectors

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Serving schools, libraries, and local municipalities with a full range of financial services, including auditing, compliance, budget planning, and cash management.

Business Services

The audit is a must. The inconvenience isn’t. We’ve performed a lot of audits. By doing so, we’ve continually refined our process to make it the most efficient, and least disruptive, for you. We get in and we get out, so your organization can stay focused on its operations, not the audit. And no matter the size or scope, we keep your cost low and produce in a timely manner.

Looking to off-load some of your in-house work? Or gain another level of protection? We can help you with that, and in more ways, than you probably think. We have highly-experienced teams that can take care of your Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Financial Statements too. We can even help you review and decide whether using an outside accounting firm like Smoker and Company LLC is advantageous for your organization, or not.

We would like to offer you some advice from our business team. Our advisory services can help to provide you with some operational clarity. Our strategic planning can ensure that those multi-year budgets are on track and feasible. Our comparative statistics will help you identify your KPIs and allow you to gauge your performance directly against other public sector entities. And at an organizational level, we can assist with leadership training and succession planning.


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