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Accountants for the Financial Institutes in Lancaster County

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Looking for someone to take care of your time-consuming accounting work?

Dealing with people’s money can get complicated fairly quickly, but what about your own tax strategies? Here at Smoker & Company, LLC, we specialize in complicated. Whether you are a credit union in need of consulting or a brokerage sorting through commissions, we can help you sort it out.

Are commission-based payments creating commission-based problems? Workers based on commissions can get a little complicated. Sometimes they’re employees and sometimes they aren’t. What about your corporate tax return or your personal returns? Our team of experts can get all of this straightened out for you, all the way from your bookkeeping to financial statements.

Brokers… are you taking advantage of all the tax deductions available to you? Do you even know what they are? You provide solutions for your clients and their money, now let us do the same for you.