Industries We Serve

Whatever your industry, we have experts that can help.

Our ability to work with, and adapt to, a wide range of client demands is part of what distinguishes our firm. Whether you’re seeking assistance with personal taxes, corporate accounting, or anything in between, we understand the importance of tailoring our services to meet the needs of each customer.

Our CPAs serve everyone from home-based and self-employed business owners to larger corporations with operations across Pennsylvania. Our tax specialists provide both corporate accounting and individual tax planning.

Over the last four decades, Smoker & Company LLC has developed a wealth of experience working with individuals and businesses from a number of diversified sectors.  Once a small operation ourselves, we have grown over time into a robust and adaptable firm built on this foundation of experience.

As a result, it was within our own growth that we came to understand that growth presents both opportunities and challenges behind expanding a business.  Hence, we have the fortune of passing on our earned understanding to our clients by helping businesses, and the people behind them, reach their true potential.


Tax Strategies, Succession Planning, Government Programs


Car Dealerships, Repair Shops, Transportation


Commercial, Homebuilders, Contractors, Trades

Financial Services

Advisor, Banks, Brokerages, Credit Unions, Lenders

Food & Beverage

Restaurants, Food Trucks, Food Production, Retail Sales

Healthcare Professionals

Doctors, Dentists, Health Practitioners

Law Services

Lawyers, Litigation Support, Mergers and Acquisitions


Industrial, Chemical, Food, Contracted, Outsourced


Charities, Churches, Community Organizations


Department Stores, Small Merchants, Brick and Mortar Store, E-Commerce

Small Business

Partnerships, Micro Businesses, LLC, Sole Proprietorships